Linguistic Erosion- Submission Accepted!

Hello Everyone!

I hope Everyone’s Christmas preparations are going well, and that the Christmas cheer is filling all of your homes!  I got my early Christmas present yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier.  My latest story, Frozen, was accepted for publication by Linguistic Erosion!!  I’ve been submitting sparingly over the last few weeks, trying to find a home for one or two of my stories.  I was happy enough with Frozen that I put it on my list for submission, and made my try at Linguistic Erosion.

I’ll be honest, I was not expecting to be accepted on the first try, and to be accepted in less than 24 hours really made my day.

I hope you will all check out Linguistic Erosion, it’s a great site and one of many I hope to be promoting – and hope to have promoting my work!  Frozen will go up on the front page in February.  I will make sure to let everyone know when it’s live!!

Have a wonderfully Merry Christmas,

Katherine J

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