Pax Titanus by Tom Lucas


Everybody wants to be the first to read Pax Titanus!


Crude, crass, and unimaginably delicious, Pax Titanus will be the fodder that causes intergalactic wars for generations as entrepreneuring space-gladiators seek the brain-blood of author Tom Lucas to feed their endless appetite for decadent mayhem of the inappropriately humorous sort.

Taking a step out of my general “safety zone” of traditional fantasy and historical novels of varying degrees, I picked up Pax Titanus out of curiosity and, perhaps, a bit of insanity.  In the first paragraph I was captured, by the end of the first chapter I was in chains.  Chapter Two attached a steel ball, chapter three bludgeoned me into immobility and by chapter four I knew I wouldn’t be putting the book down until there wasn’t a word left to read.

Tom Lucas lays every culture on the paper with color and a draw on familiarity that gives the imagination free reign to draw from the world around it to build something new and vibrant that still evokes emotional undertones drawn from every segment of life.

Running beneath all of the humor and mockery flows the lifeblood of a story at its best.  Prideful, honorable, and dedicated, Titanus sacrifices as only a father can to save his son.  Supported by a cast of interesting characters, and with a little luck, Tits accomplishes the unimaginable again and again.

All in all, I give this book an A+ and only wish I could have lived inside the book a little longer, enjoying the vibrant and interesting mind of the author and the vast playground he has created.

I look forward to what the coming years will bring us from the minds of Tom Lucas and the rest of the New Bizarro Series.

And if you’ve already read Pax Titanus, learn more about Tom Lucas on his blog, Read Tom Lucas, or check out his recent interview with Kevin Strange on Strange World.  Both are well worth the time!