SuperGhost by Scott Cole

It’s big! It’s kooky! It really is spooky! It’s SuperGhost!

Scott Cole proves that science really is fun in his debut novella.  With a kind of flashback to the 80s cartoony type of fun, Cole’s characters fill the pages with their unique personalities, and his monsters are as interesting and colorful as you’d imagine a mad scientist’s creations could be.

If you are into mass destruction, unstable scientific minds, and flashy green spirits of disembodied limbs, this book is for you.  The plot is a little quick moving for me, but I’m not sure how Cole could have packed any more flavor (literally, Tastee Freeze is like Baskin Robbins on acid!) into a mere 93 pages.

I really do suggest that you join Darren, Trina, Michelle and all of their friends and comrades as the face off against Dr. Rains and his SuperGhost.  This, like Pax Titanus, is a great book for those a little afraid of stepping into the Bizarro Genre.  It’s weird, but not too weird, really funny, and a bit nostalgic if you are a product of Saturday morning cartoons.  I would, and probably will, hand it to just about any of my friends looking for something they haven’t read before.

Another A+ from the Eraserhead’s New Bizarro Author Series.

Watch for more coming from Scott Cole on his website, 13 Visions and support him buy picking up your own copy of SuperGhost.