Eye Failed at Scrawl Brawl

Check it out!  If you haven’t stumbled across Scrawl Brawl yet, you’re missing out.  It’s a battle to the death in 100 words or less, and right now it’s cutlasses and, if you’re lucky, cuirasses!

I am excited to tell you that you can check out my submission to the Pirate brawl, Eye Failed, and while you’re there have a peek at Crackers of Doom by Tom Lucas & Blood by Name, Blood by Deed by Joshua Begley.

And before I forget, thank you Despot for coming up with the witty title for my piece, I literally could not have done better!

1 thought on “Eye Failed at Scrawl Brawl”

  1. The Despot admires your savvy and, in honor of your new website, has bulldozed a small village to build the Katherine Parker monument. The displaced villagers will grovel at your bronze feet.
    Sincerely, Grovel Sycophanti
    Minister of Information Dissemination

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