Heroin Rising’s T.A. Bechel has a Message for Struggling Addicts

“I am a firm believer we are all time travelers.  We are supposed to remember the past, not be controlled by it…”

T.A. Bechel in Heroin Rising: A Tale of True Terror

Heroin Rising: A Tale of True Terror by T.A. Bechel Cover art ©2015 Mark Mauer
Heroin Rising: A Tale of True Terror by T.A. Bechel Cover art ©2015 Mark Mauer

T.A. Bechel’s novel, Heroin Rising, is the true story of the trials and terrors the author faced during his battle with opiate addiction.  Now, with the April 2016 release of his book and the success of his play, If I Never Wake Up, which has run twice at the Lewis & Clark Community College, Bechel is speaking out about the dangers of the heroin epidemic that is plaguing not only his hometown of Eat Alton, Illinois, but the country as a whole.

Bechel, who struggled with addiction to painkillers and, later, heroin, decided to share his story in Heroin Rising after nearly four years of being clean and sober.  While it only took Bechel a month to compose the first draft, the author had to travel through a lifetime of memories to put the story on paper–most of which were unhappy and unkind.  However, Bechel has two things to say.

First: It [addiction] can happen to anyone.

And: There is a way out.

How does Bechel intend to spread this message?  Bechel has already reached out through his book, and the play If I Never Wake Up, which follows the story of a young girl and her family as she struggles with heroin addiction, but, with the help of a board of directors, Bechel also founded and runs the non-profit organization, Amare.  Amare actively works with the Southern Illinois community to spread awareness about opiate and other addictions, as well as advocating for and supporting recovering addicts with resources and scholarships while encouraging volunteerism.

“I am so incredibly proud of you.  Not only are you a survivor but you are exactly the type of voice we need in our community.  With your efforts to educate the public on the heroin epidemic, you are making a difference, providing hope and saving lives.”

Kyle Napp, Madison County Circuit Judge

For more information about Bechel and his journey visit his website, donate to Amare, or purchase Heroin Rising on Amazon.

Amazon Customer Reviews:

“This book is an eyeopener to anyone who is curious as to why someone would do heroine, knowing the dangers.”

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A powerful insight into how drugs can completely take over one’s life. All the way down to the agony of withdrawing from drugs.

Jennifer D. Barhoumey, see full review here

Heroin Rising blew my mind. The honesty and sincerity in his words were nothing short of brillaint. I highly recommend this book for teens and family members that have someone they love struggling with drug addiction.

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