A Labor of Love: Stories & Poems


Hey everyone!  You may remember that last week I announced I’d be at the Orange County Library System’s Writers Conference tomorrow, but I’ve got a bit more news for you! In preparation for the conference, I have officially self-published my very first chapbook.

The chapbook, A Labor of Love, features four poems and four short stories written over the last three years, both new and improved, respectively. While all of the stories are snapshots inspired by different moments in my life, most of the stories are dramatic pieces that explore the endurance love and the durability of the human spirit.

One special addition, though, Grandfather’s Time, is my very first piece of fantasy put into print.

A Labor of Love will be sold at the OCLS Writers Conference and at local events throughout the months of February and March for $5, but if you’re not local, don’t worry! I will also be selling the chapbook online via Paypal.  Just email me at or send your $5 (and shipping address!) to on Paypal.

In the meantime, thank you all so much for your support and I hope to have more great news for you in the coming weeks!

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  1. I am on my phone so things are a bit more complicated for me, however, I will definitely purchase a book. What did you get for my computer so I know what I’m doing, hopefully! I did see Orange County and thought maybe California, but then I realized yeah there’s and Orange County in Florida as well. I was hoping you’d be nearby.

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