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Barfly on the Wall

Barfly on the Wall An Exercise in Observation An hour early, I sit alone amid empty tables, flesh beneath ink, and watch. Bobs and curls, beards and tattoos, the small crowd is varied. Three men, three women—even odds in the battle of the sexes, if you don’t count the bartender. One patron, ginger-haired and bearded, …

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Hugs Aren’t Always Free

Hugs Aren’t Always Free I am a hugger, but recently it has become difficult for me to handle physical contact with others. To me, a hug is like a handshake—you know, the kind in old movies and that our fathers and grandfathers believed in—a proper one tells you something about a person. For that matter, …

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HOME: A Short Poem

Home: A Short Poem As I am working on a new piece of art for a local show, I’m beginning to think that it won’t end up being very well suited to the theme that inspired it (For the Love of Florida). It’s funny how that works, isn’t it?  You start something with a simple …

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A Flash Fiction Fairy Tale

Hey everyone! It’s been a while!  Things have been a little wild since my last post.  I moved – and I’m moving again.  I graduated from my BFA in Creative Writing program and jumped into an MA in Public Relations… and I’m nearly done with that, as well.  I started an internship with Beating Windward Press …

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Eye Failed at Scrawl Brawl

Check it out!  If you haven’t stumbled across Scrawl Brawl yet, you’re missing out.  It’s a battle to the death in 100 words or less, and right now it’s cutlasses and, if you’re lucky, cuirasses! I am excited to tell you that you can check out my submission to the Pirate brawl, Eye Failed, and …

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A Pax Titanus Fanfiction

Hot off the presses, Fresh from the fangirl farm, I give you Touching Tiffany: A Pax Titanus Fanfiction. I know I have been really hyping Pax Titanus by Tom Lucas, and I’ll openly admit to being a super fangirl of this far-too under the radar piece- but there’s something to say when I go to …

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