Autumn Harvest: Maiden by Tof Eklund

This isn’t your father’s fantasy, or your mother’s romance. Autumn Harvest: Maiden is the deliciously steamy story of star-crossed love and destiny.  When Maiden Yelena, a curvy and nearly ageless beauty from far off lands, realizes her feelings for young, disabled but not crippled Prince Kaye, she at first tries to deny her feelings, and …

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SuperGhost by Scott Cole

It’s big! It’s kooky! It really is spooky! It’s SuperGhost! Scott Cole proves that science really is fun in his debut novella.  With a kind of flashback to the 80s cartoony type of fun, Cole’s characters fill the pages with their unique personalities, and his monsters are as interesting and colorful as you’d imagine a …

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Pax Titanus by Tom Lucas

  Everybody wants to be the first to read Pax Titanus!   Crude, crass, and unimaginably delicious, Pax Titanus will be the fodder that causes intergalactic wars for generations as entrepreneuring space-gladiators seek the brain-blood of author Tom Lucas to feed their endless appetite for decadent mayhem of the inappropriately humorous sort. Taking a step …

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