Broken – Not everything that is broken can be fixed, but when her friend’s brother is hurt, Anna convinces him that even imperfect things have value. (Drama, 966 words)

Discovery – A deep sea find, a retired ROV, and an ancient ship of unearthly origins cause great excitement for one scientific salvage team when they discover an ageless remnant not of this world. (Science Fiction, Suspense, 952 words)

Rushing the Line – When he is betrayed by his team, a smuggler seeks the help of his daughter, but when they are caught on the wrong side of the border between Wild and Civilized Space, he is forced to come to terms with the fact that he may be out of time to reconcile their severed bonds. (Science Fiction, Drama, 963 words)



Khimaira: A Graphic Novel Treatment – An ancient artifact disrespected, a forgotten curse unleashed, and a rookie beat cop caught up in the race to catch a faceless murderer all combine in this modern retelling of the legend of the Khimaira. (Horror)



Lair (Alpha) – When invaders begin burning down villages and taking prisoners, one young mortal must escape, but his fight for his life turns into a fight for his kingdom, and so much more, when he happens upon a dragon sleeping beneath the ruins of an ancient academy.  Three different race choices, customizable character name, class selection through story, riddles and beasts all lay ahead for players of this interactive story. (Action/Adventure, Prologue only)

Blaize the Bold: A Prologue – Trapped in a world that is not his own, Blaize the Bold rips a hole between dimensions when he tries to find his way home.  When Devourers, creatures made of the void plagued by an endless hunger, begin to gorge themselves on the fabric of space and time, Blaize must decide if  he has it in him to sacrifice the dimension he currently resides in to return to the one he left behind.  (Action/Adventure, Prologue only)



Trespass – The guardian of an ancient burial city awakens when four undergrads trespass on and disrespect holy ground that is under careful excavation.  Only the truly repentant may escape, the rest find their eternal resting place in the bowels of the Hypogeum. (Horror)